Meet David Platt

Get to know our Bible teacher, David Platt. He's a pastor, leader, and best-selling Christian author--and we think you'll be motivated by his teaching!

Meet David

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Your personalized experience with the Bible starts with goTandem. Hear from God throughout your day with messages custom-fit to exactly where you are.

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Meet Matt

See how a small change made a big difference for a nurse working 16-hour shifts in a small mid-western town.

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Social media is powerful. That's why we've incorporated it into both Back to the Bible and goTandem. Now you can stay connected with us and share the content you love most with others through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and our broadcasts.

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News & Updates

The Gospel has never been safe. It's extreme. And it challenges followers of Christ like you and me to live radically different lives. Read about how we're stepping out around the world to unleash the Gospel and impact individuals through digital daily disciplship. You'll also get to know our new Bible teacher, David Platt, and see his heart for the nations.

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